ATV & ROV rules

Glad the sheriff dept put the rules out on atv & rovs. NOW THEY SHOULD ENFORCE THEM. LABOR DAY THERE WERE SO MANY ATVS & ROVS ON THE BEACH, and I counted only three trailers (to haul them to the beach) and no officers giving tickets(in fact I never saw any officer all day) so much lost revenue, but our property taxes sure went up. LITTLE KIDS unsupervised driving golf carts and atv/rovs. The sheriff’s dept stated all these could be driven on the Bolivar Peninsula beaches. That’s not true, drive them on the beach past High Island and you will be given a ticket by the FEDERAL GAME WARDENS garranted and these tickets go to federal court not to the local JP court. (G. Miller, 09-10-13)

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6 Responses to “ATV & ROV rules”

  1. Don says:

    There is no difference between a motorized golf cart lifted with all terrain tires and a side by side called ROV. It is ridiculous to allow motorized golf cart on the road but not side by sides. Actually the side by sides are safer because they have seat belts and brake lights. Require a slow moving triangle sign on the back and treat them the same. Please use some common sense!

  2. Candy says:

    Not true, I just go a ticket last week for $205.00. Ridiculous! There are so many other things to complain about

  3. RUSTEDWOOD says:

    Miller, you want some cheese to go with that whine?

  4. Jay says:

    Get over yourself!

  5. Don says:

    Duh! YOU want more government to tell us what to do??? Maybe you want them to pass a law that no children are allowed over here too! It’s FUN to ride the beach(remember what fun is?) The Bird Watchers are not going to take over the Peninsula anytime soon. I remember Jerry Patterson’s saying that the STATE (not Federal gov’t)owns the beaches and that ATV’s were allowed on the beaches. Please let me know where you came up with that ‘NEW’ FEDERAL junk. Go clean your binoculars… By the way, the water has been up to the dunes at least once a day for the past week…no beach to park on.

  6. moore says:

    dont forget, having FUN is priority. the majority of the atv’s i saw labor data were being driven within laws. i think of bunch of trailers on the beach would be more dangerous.

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