Beach Pavilion Grand Opening

Galveston County officials and the Bolivar Chamber of Commerce Board members held a joint ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Galveston County Bolivar Beach Pavilion. The new facility features large restrooms, outdoor showers, and a gathering area with tables and benches. The pavilion is located on Crystal Beach Road and is open 24-hours a day with wheel chair accessibility. The long-awaited facility provides much needed clean restrooms and rinse-off showers for our beach visitors. It offers daytime vacationers the ability to enjoy a sandy, sunny day but still rinse off before driving home. Thanks to the Beach Sticker fund for providing this luxury.


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4 Responses to “Beach Pavilion Grand Opening”

  1. Nancy Bachman says:

    It’s nice and an asset, I’m just surprised that folks still have to drive to get there rather than at the beach entrance.

  2. Patti Atkins says:

    I saw it was near completion when I was there last. It’s beautiful, and a great asset to Crystal Beach. We regulars really do miss our old Crystal Beach, before it became so crowded that we can’t really enjoy it.
    Thanks for all you do
    Patti Atkins

  3. Linda C Elissalde says:

    Thank you for this fine pavilion. Thank you also for being leaders who set an example for all of us by wearing masks. I appreciate your care and concern for others.

    Linda C. Elissalde

  4. Gay Richardson says:

    They really are an asset to Crystal Beach. Lets hope visitors take better care of them then they do of the beach. The beach gets trashed out every weekend…..let’s hope these don’t.

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