Beth Rankin Lift

Beth Rankin LiftBy William Comeaux
As a friend of Beth and Darrell Rankin, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Texas Crab Fest Charities. Beth had a terrible fall late last year which left her unable to climb the stairs to her house. She would rely on friends to get her upstairs in her wheel chair. This was not a problem to her friends, but Beth felt that she lost her independence and she is not the type of person that likes relying on others. Her son Darrell lives with her and does all he can to help his mother, but one person could not complete this task alone. Beth is healing well, but there will always be residual effects from her injury that will make it hard for her to climb steps once the healing process is completed.

Shortly after she returned home from her long stay at rehab, The Church of Christ reached out to Texas Crab Fest Charities to partner with them in providing a lift to ease the burden put on Beth and Darrell. TCFC board members responded swiftly with a decision to fund a large majority of the project and give independence back to Beth. Shortly after that decision, a new lift was installed at the Rankin household that brought a freedom to them that they had not had in a while. TCFC has truly delivered on their motto of “Turning the tide for a brighter future”. Texas Crab Fest Charities has many ways they can assist Peninsula residents from scholarships, job training, one time financial assistance, peninsula project works and teacher educational assistance. All proceeds from the Texas Crab Festival go to fund these opportunities. Please visit the annual festival Mother’s Day weekend. Not only will you will you have a great time, you will know that your money will be passed along to help peninsula residents better themselves and turn the tide for a brighter future.

Beth Rankin Lift


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