By Linda Elissalde
When black cats prowl, and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.
Author Unknown
Once again The Big Store cast a spell with their annual GHOST ON THE COAST. All creatures, great and small, hurried to partake in this “BOOtiful” event. Some came in cute costumes, while others’ outfits were quite frightening. Games, food and contests vied for attention.

What treat does an Elephant pack in his trunk?

TRUNK OR TREAT presented Judges Sandra Dial and Margaret Lindow of Keller Williams SETX with clever trunk designs and free candies. The winners included: 1st place Amy and Tracy, 2nd place Cobb’s Real Estate, 3rd Chris and Sarah with Hocus Pocus. Sandra and Margaret also judged costumes and pumpkin carving contests.

Why didn’t the skeleton go to Ghost on the Coast?
Because he had no body to go with.

Popular MC Larry Flanagan, in his skeleton shirt, proved why he is the best in the business with his smooth handling of all events. Brenda Flanagan deftly kept the contestants moving along quickly. Costume entry winners:

0–4 years; 1st Ava McClelland, 2nd Riley Diggs, 3rd Phoenix Huffman

5-11; 1st Ian Nacol, 2nd Rhianna Martinez, 3rd Finn Pollard

12-17; 1st Betsy and Celeste Bradford, 2nd Megan Driver, 3rd Keiran Gray

Adults; 1st Maria Bottello, 2nd Mary Billiot, 3rd Brenda Kayla.

What do you get when you divide the circumference?
of your jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
Pumpkin Pi.

We certainly have myriad artists in our midst. There were more uniquely decorated pumpkins for judging than in any other year. Winners were: 1st place Kyler McKinney, 2nd The Lails and Grayshons, and 3rd David Hernandez.

Why should you not put your puppy in the sun?
Because he would become a hot dog.

I don’t know why the hot dogs handed out by the lovely Lions Club ladies taste so much better than others. They were delicious as were free popcorn, candy and cold drinks from this generous organization. Everyone wanted to win one of the super tasty cakes at the Cake Walk for dessert. That way they could munch on something as they waited in the long, long line for The Spook House. All of the numerous games had ghouls, demons, princesses and vampires eager to win prizes.

What did the car say to the gasoline pump?
Tanks a lot.

Thanks go to a lot of people and groups for such a successful 2019 GHOST ON THE COAST. There would be no celebration at all without The Big Store. Contributions came from Bay Products, SOL Marketing, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, Bolivar Tourism, Yeti, Mark and Denise Smith, ACE Hardware, Bimbo Bakeries, Keurig/Dr. Pepper, Texas First Bank, FOE#3719 Crystal Beach Chapter, McDowell’s Paint&Pressure Washing, Homes by the Sea, Frito Lay, Geri Hayes “The Cake Lady”, Topical Treats&Eats, J Birds, Patrick and Elinor Tinsley, and Lyndon Glaesman “Randy the Roach” children’s author. A Big Thank You also goes to all volunteers, and our Volunteer Fire Departments and EMS.

What kind of songs does a clown sing?
Looney Tunes.

GHOST ON THE COAST and TRUNK OR TREAT produced a fun, fang-tastic night!  That’s all, Folks!


Photo contributors: Linda Elissalde, Janie Mayfield, Dennis Rollfing


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