“Bird Island” in East Bay

We have started taking our visitors out to see Bird Island (what we call it) out in East Bay, the new “island” with thousands of birds on it? At the confluence of East Bay and Galveston Bay, about a mile or two off Baffel Point? They ask us so many questions about it, and I can’t find any information on it. I can only find “Bird Island” near San Luis Pass. Assume that like the San Luis Pass “Bird Island,” it was constructed by the state? Which department? Where did the rocks come from? What was the point of doing this (besides creating a neat place for us to take visitors)? Can anyone tell me when it was constructed (we know it hasn’t been that long ago), why it was constructed, has anyone done any documentation on the number/kinds of birds that now are there? (Brenda Smith, 7/6/2014)

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  1. East Bay says:

    It smells great over there too.

  2. I finally did what I should have done in the very beginning when I have a question about birds around East Bay. Contact the Audubon Society. Winnie Burkett, our birder extraordinaire, answered immediately:

    “The island is named Evia Island and was built by the Army Corp of Engineers as beneficial use dredged materials project in the widening and deepening of the Houston ship channel…I managed the island for close to 10 years it is a huge success as you can see.”

    That’s the understatement of the year. I googled “Evia Island” and found this fantastic article: http://www.houstonaudubon.org/default.aspx/MenuItemID/743/MenuSubID/79.htm

    Wonder why it’s named Evia Island? Read this article and a tip o’ the trowel to Ally Levy, a very clever student from Pearland.

    (Don’t be misled by the hits for Evia subdvision development on Galveston, west of Moody Gardens. That’s something else.)

  3. I don’t think you could call this “in” or “at” Gilchrist. This one is at the confluence of East Bay and Galveston Bay, about a mile or two off Baffel Point. Every fisherman I know knows where it is. Can anyone suggest anyone I could call at, say, Texas Parks & Wildlife? I’ll be glad to research it.

  4. We have had a “bird” island for a long time here in Gilchrist – It even had a sign on it to keep the boats far enough off it so as not to disturb the birds. After Ike I don’t know about the old island, but as you say someone put rocks around it ??? Before Ike it was always there.

  5. Shelly Butts says:

    We were out there recently, too, and it is an awesome sight! I’d love to hear more on the history, if anyone has information to share!
    Shelly 🙂

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