Bless Them All

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
On this past weekend, when you were with family and friends having a beverage and BBQ, please, I hope you remember those who gave all. Please say a prayer even if it is in silence. This weekend, I would like to remember my Uncle Ernest from WW1 and his help in building the Panama Canal, and Uncles from WWII, Henry, Percy, my brother-in-law, Ray who was at Pearl.

Capt. Robert E Byus, US Army Aircorp, WWII
Sgt. David Hidalgo, Marine Corp, ’64-65
Sgt. Chris Pierce, Army
E5 comp Tech Larry Flanagan, Navy
E5 Edward Peabody, AF 93-2009, Army after 911
Staff Sgt Mike Harper, AF 66-74

I would also like to remember my sweet roommate, who lost her husband to agent orange. Also remembering my friends from High School and college who never came back, and all our men who came home with ghosts following them in every step. God Bless all of you.

RR and I will work Sunday and Monday, and I hope I can shake the hand of every person who has served our great Country.

I hope you have taken this time to remember that we have had times of disagreement before and we have made it through. Maybe this past weekend, we the people, not the people in office, were able to speak to each other in tones of love and honesty, not disagreement and difference.

Now for the fun stuff this week. I went to Di’s home to see if I could help Emily with a dress she purchased on line. There’s no way that dress will fit, it would take a miracle! It was made for a shape just the opposite of my beautiful Granddaughter. But what fun we had just being Grandma and Em, there was very little that we did not discuss. That is the fun of being a Grandma. I know she will remember these days forever and share with her babies and grandbabies.

Then Matthew came home from school and we had fun too. They both asked if I could visit next week. Well you know what the answer to that question was YES.

Have a great week and I hope everyone was safe over the weekend.


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