Blessed (and Tired)

And that’s the truth!
By Georgia Osten
I had to go to The Big Store Sunday afternoon, missing one ingredient for the chili I had been planning to prepare. I complemented the cashier on what a wonderful event Saturday night for Trunk or Treat. She thanked me and said “looked like you had your hands full!”

Hmmmm, You don’t say?? Two 70-year-old Seniors with 5 grand-boys ages 9, 6, 5 and 2-1/2-year-old twins. The fun began as we started to think about what time we should head out. We didn’t have far to go and we knew we would all fit on the golf cart somehow. But, we had to stuff them all with pizza or hot dogs first, then get everyone into their costumes. We had a cowboy and his posse of super heroes, Spider Man, Captain America, another Spider Man, and Batman.

They each had their own pumpkin to gather all their candy. Well, that was a predicament too, because there were two green ones and 3 orange ones. I think everyone would have preferred green. What’s a Grandma/Nana to do? Of course, this was new to the twins. I guess they may have gone trick or treating last year, but to a 2-1/2-year-old, a year is a really long time ago.

As usual, PawPaw was taking pictures, I stood in line waiting to get in the haunted house, while Michael, the oldest, did his best corralling The Littles. The haunted house took forever, but I gradually eased forward in the line, they were taking five at a time. I must have had a desperate look on my face, because Jan came up to me asking if she could do anything for me. “Yes, please, go find my husband, tell him to round up all the goblins for our turn in the haunted house.” He was photographing the costume contest and had the two Littles with him. The big bosomed woman with bright red lipstick, I think she was a Pirate’s Wench, said she would take them in, Great! Then, the haunted house agreed that I could go in with them instead, the Wench was busy.  Great!

It was worth the wait, except half way through, Michael had to carry one of the Littles and I carried the other. Dax and Pierce were so excited and loved every minute of it. It was all good, everyone had a blast. Once released alive and well, they were off for more games and more tokens!

Finally, The Seniors anxious to get home for Game 4, everyone cashed in their tokens and we headed back home, all the pumpkins full of candy and five dirty boys with Sugar Highs.

At home, all emptied their pumpkins on the dining room table, I made all the dirty kids get in their nice clean jammies and we all settled in to watch the game. I figured baths could wait until the morning. That way, we would return them to their parents all squeaky clean.

Good thing we didn’t waste a bath, they all awoke around 6 am and headed off for Dannay’s for a good nutritious and messy breakfast. Just what they needed – More Sugar! The backyard baseball game began when they returned around 7 am – TIME TO WAKE UP NEIGHBORS!!

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