Bluewater Addition Group says No HOA

Over a year ago the Private Facebook Bluewater Addition group was founded to share information inviting property owners to a friendly, informative platform to share opinions and ideas to keep Bluewater Subdivisions the happy, welcoming place it has been since its inception. The forum was established because there was an opposing very small group of relative newcomers attempting to fundamentally change the character of the Bluewater Subdivisions.

The well funded aggressor group formed what they called the Bluewater 1 and 2 HOA LLC (so far only two members have been identified) with a stated goal of forcing all existing RV’s out of the subdivision. This LLC declared war in the neighborhood in the form of hiring a (reportedly) experienced law firm to file suit against one new property owner to get him to permanently remove his RV from the neighborhood. Their stated goal was to have all RV’s removed. Their ammunition was never-used boilerplate deed restrictions from 1955. Their action was in spite of the fact that the development was peppered with RVs and travel trailers since its inception in 1955.

It mattered not to the LLC that RVer’s were there long before the faux HOA members built their multistory houses in Bluewater. Members of the LLC stated their strategy was to win the first lawsuit and then expand the litigation until they re-sculpted the neighborhood to fit their view of how they wanted it to look.

During the last year, there has been an acrimonious battle between the two groups. The LLC filed complaints with the county engineering and health departments on many residents to harass them into leaving. The county became a willing party in the battle by at one point issuing over 30+ violations in the course of two days in the Bluewater additions 1 and 2. Bolivar peninsula residents/property owners have probably noticed this has spread peninsula wide with an adversarial relationship between many and Galveston county for singling out the peninsula to make an example of gentrification for the rest of the county. (That’s another battle)

The Mouse that Roared!!
The Facebook group led to the NO_BLUEWATER_HOA sub group being formed to support the property owner the Bluewater Additions 1 and 2 LLC had filed suit on. The monetary collections, contributions and just plain hard work by volunteers over the last year to fight the obvious tyranny of the aggressive and well-funded LLC have proven that sometimes the little guys win. On their side providence, if their cause is just and their ethics are pure, as circumstances have proven out in a court resolution. Many months of signature collections by hardworking volunteers culminated in a majority of Bluewater property owners signing petitions to abandon the ridiculous and antiquated deed restrictions. There are now no oppressive outdated deed restrictions for Bluewater addition 2. Additionally the lawsuit against the Bluewater property owner was DISMISSED with PREJUDICE (no do-over’s).

(An all volunteer group such as the Minutemen in 1776)
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  1. Chris Alexander says:

    Great to read this win. I am feeling a similar level of pain here in Crystal Canals…my RV’s have been on my lot since 2001. Both are “road-ready”, with appropriate licenses. New permit requests were submitted with only one approval received from the Health Department. The reason: original permit evidently listed only one RV even though two RVs have been there for over 5 years. So I sit wondering what is the next step!

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