BPCF’s Light Up Bolivar Campaign Comes to a Close

By Elinor Tinsley
Well before I became treasurer of the Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation, Anne Willis and Margo Johnson spearheaded the idea about having something that represented the Bolivar Peninsula. Galveston has the sea turtles, Dickinson has cranes, Kemah has pelicans, Port Aransas has concrete boats and Orange has oranges so what better thing to represent the Bolivar Peninsula than a detailed, concrete replica of the Bolivar Point Lighthouse?

Many thousands of dollars were invested in hiring an architect to design them, a molding company to create the mold for each different size, and a statuary company for casting and delivering them; and in December of 2018 the Light Up Bolivar campaign officially began. Over the last four years we have sold and reordered great numbers of these lighthouses, but due to production costs, delivery costs and a number of other unavoidable factors, the Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation has sold it’s last 6ft. undamaged lighthouse and raffled off it’s last 3 ft. lighthouse at the Fall Arts & Crafts Fair last Saturday. We only have several slightly damaged 6 ft. lighthouses available, and if you are seriously interested contact Marsha Fredenburg 713-829-1487 or Elinor Tinsley 713-256-3447.

With untold gratitude, we wish to thank Keith Zahar (and Buffy) at The Big Store for letting us house our lighthouses on your property. We know the lighthouses got in your way when you were trying to get ready for different events or getting in merchandise, but you graciously allowed them anyway. To our deliverers, George McMillan, Tim Byrom and Chris Hartley, thank you very much for delivering so many of those 700 lb. monsters safely. Thank you to all of the BPCF board members and BPCF members, past and present, for helping promote and sell so many of our lighthouses. A special thanks to Marsha Fredenburg for her countless hours spent as our lighthouse chair, and, last but not least, we thank every lighthouse owner, whether you’re a business or a homeowner, for supporting our organization and spreading interest in the Bolivar Point Lighthouse. If you love our Bolivar Point Lighthouse please consider helping the Bolivar Point Lighthouse Foundation in working to restore her. BPCF is not a part of this foundation, but we are happy to spread the word.

These are just a few of the lighthouses from the past couple of years. Some are plain and some are painted but all are owned with pride representing our peninsula. The BPCF has sold and raffled many lighthouses, but we are most proud of all the lighthouses we have been able to donate including High Island School, Crenshaw School, the Galveston County Museum, the PSP, Texas Crab Festival Charities, the Lighthouse Charity Team in Galveston and the Eagles 3719, to name just some. We can proudly say that our lighthouses will be around for many, many years to come. Thank you again for “Lighting Up Bolivar” with us.


Sincerely, Elinor Tinsley


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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you, Elinor and Marsha, for the great job you have done with the lighthouses. You have certainly helped “Light Up Bolivar” with our unique symbol.

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