Breezy Day

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Saturday was our rain day for Swinging for Santa. What a beautiful day it was. Little on the Breezy side but the sun was shining and the wind gave the guys and gals an excuse for the game scores. Golf is not my game even though I have “had” to watch it on TV since I was five years old. I totally understand the concept of the game but I am not one for doing anything in a straight line. You need to find someone else to play this game with you as you will be very frustrated before the day is over with me on your team. I can hit the ball but it will not go to the flag we are shooting at.

Since the Lions Club has been doing this tournament I have sat on hole 3 offering the players a do-over called a mulligan. There is a charge for this do-over of $5.00 a player and if all four players choose to purchase a mulligan we have just purchased a pair of blue jeans for a child for Christmas. The first three years I worked with my “not-a-husband.” Larry lived one house down the street from us and if RR was at work and Larry was home I went trotting down to Larry’s for whatever. Ya know, lawnmower not starting, edger flooded and so on. This year I worked with RR. WELL, there is a difference in how you do this simple task! I am just going to leave it there.

Every year I watched each player take a stand, wiggle their feet, bend their knees, take a swipe at the grass and then hit the ball. Each player had different words to say as to whether this was a good shot or not so good. Remember the movie, Paint your Wagon, I heard the wind called everything but Mariah! I am just going to leave it there, also. But deep down inside I am laughing at what that crazy Scotsman was thinking when he picked up the stick to hit a ball many years ago.

Now that I have made every golfer not so happy with me, I want to thank each and every one of you for helping us with our cause.

First, for Tiki Bar owners, Karen & Chris for letting us use their facility on Friday night and for purchasing some of our auction items. You two are always there when the Lions Club needs you. Great people.

Second, the people who made The Ranch course look like it was a PGA course, Shannon O’Brian and team.

All the great members of our Lions Club and all the friends that came out to assist us, a great big Thank You.

The Hays’ for their beverages.

Most of all, All the wonderful players who had fun and helped us purchase clothes for our children for winter. You are beautiful people inside and out!

Have a great Week.


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