Brilliant Blue Sky! Successful Fish Fry!

Brilliant Blue Sky! Successful Fish Fry!By Linda Elissalde
Weather reports continued dire. Rain and stormy skies were predicted for Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend. Members of Bay Vue United Methodist Church (UMC) met on Thursday to decide if they should go ahead with their 4th annual Bay Vue Fish Fry. Committees had everything planned. The fish and hush puppies were ordered. Some cobblers were already in ovens. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! The group voted to take a chance and go ahead with this yearly event. Pastor Valerie submitted Plan B for the Drive Through runners to use if a storm blew in Saturday morning.

Saturday morning awoke with a few scattered showers, but by 11:00 AM, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining. Fish Fry Cooks were sending delicious morsels inside for workers to taste test. The reply was, “Keep on frying. Fish and hush puppies are delicious.” Servers lined up to dish up fish, hush puppies, cole slaw, and potato salad for dining inside and delivery to drive through costumers. (Homemade tartar sauce was a gourmet hit with everyone.) Runners hurried to take drive through orders. One customer appeared in his golf cart to declare, “I drove all the way from Louisiana for this fish.” Peach and cherry cobblers flew off the serving table to eager eaters. It was non-stop from 11:00 AM to closing at 2:00 PM. And there was not a bite of fish left to be eaten!!!

Brilliant Blue Sky! Successful Fish Fry!Brilliant Blue Sky! Successful Fish Fry!

Financial Secretary Sandi Covington happily announced on Sunday that this was Bay Vue’s most successful Fish Fry. It boasted the highest attendance and the most profit. Workers responded that they were really grateful to all the folk who came and for the beautiful blue sky that shone on the 2018 Bay Vue Fish Fry!


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4 Responses to “Brilliant Blue Sky! Successful Fish Fry!”

  1. Craig Lang says:

    Great event and outreach. The fish was GREAT as usual. The Bay Vue UMC out did themselves. It was a reunion of locals. It always a fun event that we look foward to every year. Hats off to the cooks, servers and greeters. See you next Father’s Day Weekend.

  2. Dr Thomas Polctn says:

    Glad to contribute to a great cause, however the food was just average. Through God all things are possible, looking forward to improvement next year.

  3. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    Also wanted to apologize to anyone who has given up on clicking on the link for the latest issue of the Lazy Gardener and Friends Houston Garden Newsletter. I didn’t realize they had created a new link, and I hadn’t told CBLN about it! Please try again! You’ll now get the newest e-edition every time. It’s on the main page of this wonderful e-newsletter which we love!!!

  4. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    Compliments to the chefs … the fish was delicious, as was all on the menu. What a wonderful group of people, Bolivar Peninsula is so lucky all of you choose to live here.

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