Brown Pelicans

By Ed Snyder
Seeing these brown pelicans reminded me of an incident I saw last week at Rollover Pass of two adult brown pelicans attacking a cormorant. The pelicans were perched on a bulkhead watching cormorants diving for fish when one cormorant popped up with a large silvery fish in its beak. Both pelicans pounced on the cormorant, one grabbing its wing so it couldn’t dive and the other trying to wrestle the fish from the cormorant. The cormorant finally broke free and dove, the fish had been dislodged dropping back into the water. Both pelicans returned to their perch and by now I had my camera in hand ready for a repeat; but they never did that again. I have never seen pelicans do this before, simply was amazing, but, alas, I didn’t have my camera in my hands at the time.

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