Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 7-20-21

By Captain Bryan Brawner
There has not been a lot of change since last week’s report. Fishing is challenging in East Bay and will remain that way until fall probably. There are small schools of fish which are in scattered locations and specks concentrated on small areas of the south shoreline which waders can easily access. The salinity levels remain low throughout with runoff from rains to the north and the increasing release into the Trinity at Lake Livingston spillway. I was cautiously optimistic about the impact of closing Rollover Pass would have on the Bay. I am sure that when it doesn’t flood every year for 7 years in a row, the water conditions could be pristine.

However, it looks like we are in a long term wet pattern which does not bode well for the conditions of East Bay. Rollover did help some in mixing the water to keep the salinity at least at a survivable level. So far, the Pass closing has hurt the health of the bay overall. Nothing we can do about it but adapt and maybe learn to tolerate jetty fishing on more trips. Like I said, a few are getting some good catches some days but nothing consistent. However with most of the reefs not holding any reasonable population of fish, the fishing overall has been challenging for most. Reefs toward the west can hold some decent fish under current conditions. We are still running a few trips now but as my regular clients for years know, I will be up front about challenging fishing conditions before your trip. I don’t like to go any more than you do when conditions are bad.

Surf fishing continues to be excellent with speckled trout and sharks being caught at the beachfront. Now is the time to be in the surf. Topwaters and spoons working early. Miss Nancy’s Bait camp and Sea Pony Tackle in Winnie will have you covered for surf fishing bait and tackle.

For those that have taken my class, no changes, we are in Aug late summer patterns with fresh water conditions still present and minimal improvements toward mid bay reefs. Redfish summer patterns as we discussed….Also, check out the summer areas that we stressed for drifting and birds. Don’t forget to ask for your included updates for bay and surf fishing before you go out.

Now is the best opportunity to invest your time in a private on the water class/seminar to be ready when fishing finally turns around later summer into the fall. There are some days now open in August for reserved private on the water classes. Reserve your time now as we have had to work around the persistent strong winds and storms to conduct classes in the best conditions.

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This time of year we can run trips where the whole family can be successful with a large variety of fish. Email for questions and availability. Now is the time to book an East Bay Class with the prime fishing just around the corner.

For exact fishing locations and techniques, I am conducting one-on-one classes of the Galveston East Bay System. We will spend a half-day trip exploring that bay and the techniques and timing of fishing there. Bring your hand-held GPS and a map and note pad and I will further your knowledge of the bay and patterns for fishing in all of the seasons of the year. These classes include everything from locations to tackle and lure selection; thus have a lot of content. So, I limit them to 2 persons max at a time. Call 409-256-1265 for more information. We cover a lot of area and burn a lot of gas.

Text or call 409-256-1265 for availability of trips and to reserve your fishing adventure. You can also e-mail me [email protected] for updated fishing conditions and trip availability.

Check my website for prices and more information.

Captain Bryan Brawner

[July 20, 2021]

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