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Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
The story is told by Archie Bost that two little fishes were swimming lazily in the peaceful lake when they saw a piece of meat dangling in the clear water before them. The younger fish darted toward it with an open mouth. Sensing sure danger, the older fish cried out, “Stop!” “You can’t see it, but there is a hook inside that meat. It is connected by an invisible line to a pole outside the water. There is a man holding the pole”

“The truth is if you eat the meat, the hook will catch in your jaw and the man will pull you out of the water. He will cut you open with a knife, roast you on a fire and eat you. Then he will throw your remains to his cat.”

The young fish stopped and looked, and the two swam away. But when the young fish was alone, he thought to himself, “Let me investigate the truth myself and determine just how accurate these lousy claims are.”

He went back to the meat, swam around it, above and below it. He swam as far as he could in ever widening circles to be able to see all around the meat.

After a long search, he said to himself, “I’ve looked far and wide, and I haven’t found any sign of a man, a pole, a knife, a fire, or a cat. In fact, I’ve found nothing outside this water we live in.” I have come to realize the truth.

“These must just be stories made up to limit our freedoms.” He went back toward the tempting meat and in a swift jump, ate it.

The hook caught securely in his jaw, and it was extremely painful. He then felt himself being unceremoniously yanked out of the water.

He looked and saw for sure a pole, a man, and a knife, and a little further from the edge of the peaceful lake, he saw the man’s cat sleeping quietly in the shade. At that point in this adventure his knowledge of the truth that had been shared with him was absolutely useless.

Such is true with biblical examples, honestly witnessing to others, pleading prayers, attempting to get people into church, and often simply found in daily living. We try to convince folks that the Bible is real, that God loves us, that he sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sin, and that he will one day come again for his own.

All of the above is true. His people certainly are not perfect. We fail, we falter, we talk when we should be quiet, we perhaps do not speak when we should, but the majority of Christians do love the Lord and their fellow man and want to be helpful.

Some of the mysteries of the Bible are deep and profound and are perhaps beyond our comprehension. Nevertheless, God’s words are true and right.

If you have questions or desire a deeper understanding of Scripture, don’t be like the little fish in our story. Find someone you trust – A pastor, teacher, relative, neighbor, or friend, and ask your questions. Listen to the answers and find a Bible believing and teaching church for you and your family.

If you have a Bible in your possession, read its words. I would perhaps begin with something that is more easily understood. I would start with the Book of John or the Book of Romans. God will honor your effort to determine truth before it is too late.

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[BCH: Jan-24-2023]

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