Coastal Barrier

GLO, Army Corps Release Coastal Barrier Plan

Texas General Land Office (GLO) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) announce the release of the Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Study Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement, a milestone in the effort to reduce the risk along the Texas coast from dangerous storm surges and other threats. Since 2015, GLO and USACE have

GBF-Coastal Barrier Position Statement

Hurricane Ike brought a big storm surge and was catastrophic for many who live or work near Galveston Bay—but a future hurricane could be even bigger and do even more damage. The vulnerability of Industry along the Houston Ship Channel to a large storm surge raises both economic and environmental concerns and may warrant incurring

Problems and unanswered question with the US Army Corps’ Coastal Barrier Alternative:

  • It sacrifices the Galveston Bay ecosystem and the economies and communities on Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island for the purpose of protecting the industrial areas and the communities in the northwestern part of the bay, but yet it does not provide adequate storm surge reduction

IKE DIKE Alternative

By Matt Pace
First off, I am not in favor of a coastal spine being built down the Bolivar Peninsula and along Galveston Island. I feel that coastal residents should be personally responsible for the decision that they made to live or have a business along the coast. This can be done by building properly and insuring adequately against the wind and storm surge risks

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