Barefoot Living, by B.

So I was standing on the porch watching as the neighbors build their office building and saw a couple of discarded pallets. Hmm, how can I recycle these?

Okay, I am just the idea person…

Barefoot Living, by B.

Hi everybody, most of you who know me know that I don’t need a lot of sleep. After a long day at work, I will spend time on craigs list, ebay, antique stores, estate sales, flea markets, consignment shops, art fairs and the internet looking for truly one of a kind items to sell in my shop.

I am often surprisingly inspired the most when

Don’t Mess With Texas!

Do you notice a problem with this flag display? Perhaps this household is in dire distress or extreme danger. We usually fly our Texas flags with the white stripe on top, therefore positioning the star right-side up…seems appropriate, right?

Don’t Mess With Texas! And don’t mess with the Texas State flag etiquette. The guidelines are numerous and incredibly detailed regarding orientation, hoisting

Big party at the Big Red Barn

The Big Red Barn was the setting for this year’s Crab Festival Volunteers’ Appreciation Party. A big THANKS was given to all the volunteers that helped make the 2012 Texas Crab Festival a success. “Without volunteers, there would not be a Crab Festival,” Chamber of Commerce President Mac McDonald told the crowd. The Crab Festival is the Showcase event for Bolivar Peninsula, and next year

2012 GT300 Long Distance Beach Catamaran Race

by Jim Denys
After years of struggling to reach the beach first in the annual GT300 long distance beach catamaran race TEAM HULLFLYING decided to go rogue this year and become pirates.

The TEAM HULLFLYING pirates plotted a secret course from the Bolivar Peninsula (named after the original

UPDATE: ATVs and ROVs on Bolivar beaches

Media Advisory from Galveston County
Relating to operation of ATVs and ROVs on public beach on Bolivar Peninsula in light of Attorney General Opinion No. GA-0934

“ROVs to be allowed on peninsula beaches”
Article in The Galveston News, June 21, 2012


by Kelly Moad
Many know that the Texas State Bird is the Mockingbird…or is it the Mosquito? It’s hard to tell sometimes, even at the beach. We all love the beach, and mosquitoes do too. Water is a necessary part of the mosquito’s habitat, and the Peninsula has plenty of water spots for a mosquito family to call home! So how do we protect against them while

A packed house for “The Wizard of ODD”

The Wizard of Odd brought in a packed house both Friday and Saturday nights! And, what an amazing show it was! Who would’ve known we had so much talent right here in Crystal Beach? The production was presented by The Way Off Broadway Ensemble Players, written, produced and directed by Linda C. Elissalde, pictured below.

East Bay Oyster Reefs

By Lady Redfish
Have you ever wondered how our reefs in East Bay are replenished to continue producing those marvelous oysters? My husband has seen this process before, but I saw it for the first time this past Friday on a reef fairly close to the north shoreline. Two crew boats arrived to the reef first with a barge in the distant background. The barge contained a large

The Bottle Tree

Modern day garden designs or ancient superstitions? Both. Bottle trees actually date back to nearly 3500 B.C., originating in Arabia, traveling to Africa, Europe and then to North America. It was believed that “spirits” live in glass bottles, understandably for the sound heard when wind passes over an open bottle. Empty bottles were placed near entryways and evil spirits would be attracted to

What’s in a name? Part 3

by Kelly Osten Moad
Our very large family has been frequenting and/or living in Crystal Beach for over 40 years now, and certainly we have stories behind our house names. My grandparents owned and lived in a beach front home from 1970 until the hit of Hurricane Ike. The “Seahoose” was a strong little dwelling for Mama and Bop and the 30+ family members and countless

What’s in a name? Part 2

by Kelly Osten Moad
You can’t help but smile when you see a clever beach house name. I was reading a few more and had to say one out loud for it to make sense – “Noah Genda”. Sure, at first glance it appears to be someone’s name. But now say it out loud – No Agenda! And that is exactly how they must feel when spending time at their beach home. No schedule, no

What’s in a name?

by Kelly Osten Moad
Naming your beach house is nearly as important as naming your first born or your family pet. But your beach house – for some, it’s your escape, and for the lucky few, it’s your forever home. So how did you come up with the name for your beloved beach house? Did you simply use your family name? Did you ponder this very important decision for weeks, months, years? Who did you consult to help

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Caring for our wildlife right here on Bolivar
By Georgia Osten

Robert and his friend 'Dinner'

We met an amazing character today! After lunch at La Playita, Tom and I drove down to the North Jetty. We spotted a huge brown pelican standing by the bait camp there at the Jetty. I’m a pelican fan, so I couldn’t resist. As we stopped the car and just stared at it, a fellow came out of the bait camp and said, “Oh, you’ve spotted our guard dog.” We both got out of the car then, and the guy asked, “Want to know her name? ‘Dinner’.”

It was the most amazing thing! Robert Hudson, a contractor-in-search-of-a-job, found this pelican back in August. Her wing was severely damaged by fishing line, almost to the point of severing the wing – she was pretty crippled. Robert began by removing the string and caring for the wounds. Dinner is his pet now; she doesn’t allow anyone else to get too close.

Did you celebrate November 30th this year?
By Brenda Cannon Henley

Don’t know about your household, but the folks in our house and our neighbors, celebrated November 30th this year in a big way that will rival other occasions this year.

What is November 30th for Gulf Coast residents?  It was the stated end of hurricane season, and thank the dear Lord, we did not have a dangerous storm causing millions of dollars of damage and years of hurt and pain for those who call the beach area home.  We had a few scares and some weather watching, but the most we had to deal with this year was a little wind from time to time and some flooding in low-lying spots.

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