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Mermaid Sighting

Some say mermaids are folklore, but here in Crystal Beach, a mermaid was spotted. This sparkly blue, teal, and purple mermaid with flowing aqua, wavy hair is known by the name of Abernathy. She was visiting with her land family in September. Basking in the waves and sunlight was refreshing for this sea creature. I’m sure her time in Crystal Beach was enjoyable. What a sweet Little Mermaid to

2018 Hardheads Bolivar Rig Run

By Jim Denys
The 4th annual Hardheads Bolivar RIG RUN is in the books. The first part of the event was like a long, slow dance with Mother Nature and her angry wet ways. After a week of pounding rain on the Bolivar Peninsula, the skies dried out just in time to get the event in. We appreciated the die hard Bumpity Bump sailors who came as far away

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