Capt. Mike Williams

MirrOlure testing in the ’80s

mirrolure_0By Capt. Mike Williams
When I worked for MirrOlure, I waded the back end of east bay from the late seventies to the early nineties. In that time period, we had two major freezes; the first freeze was in the winter of 1983, and then again in the winter 1989. The low in Galveston on Christmas night 1983 was 14 degrees and the air temperature stayed below freezing for more than

Two Pros talk about Baby Tarpon

Fishing Rollover a week ago, we spotted thousands of fish larvae swimming along the bulkhead; I mean the water was black with them. My fishing bud snagged one on his Mirrolure and we looked at it – about an inch long, clear minnow. I then researched it on Google, and it looked just like tarpon larvae. Is it possible? I know that Bios think tarpon are

MirrOlure Field Tester

williamsBy Capt. Mike Williams
After I had MirrOlure make the first factory made 51M series lure and was on board as field tester, I decided to do what they wanted me to do, which was design and field test lures; then see if that lure would take trout in the surf and bays of the Galveston Bay complex. One cold winter night I had to go the store for my wife…it was late and nobody was in

I had a dream

williamsBy Capt. Mike Williams
When people get old they have take a lot of medicine for one thing or another. Sometimes the medicine can make a person have bad dreams at night, but some nights those same medicines might produce a good dream. A while, back I had a great dream that lasted all night until I woke up the next morning. I could see this dream very clearly and it

The Last Tide Out

williamsBy Capt. Mike Williams
December 21, 1983 I was working as a field tester for MirrOlure on different color patterns and also on rattlers that would later come the R series in a MirrOlure. I was fishing with another man and we stated fishing at daylight. The air temperature that day was in the low seventies and the tide came in most of the morning; we were able to catch

Rollover fishing – Year in review

capnmikeBy Capt. Mike Williams, Tarpon Express
Well, it’s almost Christmas. I think overall 2014 will go down in the records books as just a fair year as far as fishing. The brightest fishing which improved in 2014 for me was the flounder fishing. It seems to me the two-fish limit at the peak of the migration in November helps or is helping the overall catches for most people fishing for flounder. I told a man

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