CB Community Church is growing

The Crystal Beach Community Church is growing in size and attendance. CBCC has grown steadily over the past seven years since it opened its doors, with the average Sunday attendance more than tripling in that time. And, with growth comes the need for more space, thus the construction that is underway to enlarge the sanctuary. The church will add 6400 square feet to the existing building on Diamond Road. As with many projects, however, growing pains are not unusual. “We were originally scheduled to start in October, but we were delayed by permitting and engineering issues,” said Don Merriman, a church board member who volunteered to oversee the project. Steel beams were delivered last Tuesday, but wet conditions are holding up the concrete work. Construction will ultimately take 6-7 weeks after the slab is complete.

Crystal Beach Community Church is enlarging their sanctuary, adding 6400 sq ft

Steel was delivered last Tuesday, but the slab has not yet been poured

David Harris, with Bolivar Live, discussing construction plans with Don Merriman, Project Supervisor

A growing church is a healthy church…the Crystal Beach Community Church welcomes you.


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