cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Our part of the world is an RV Park on one of the bends of Dickinson Bayou. I think I have shared pictures of the park and surroundings. When we moved in October, the park was full with the exception of two or three spots. Since then, over half of the spots are vacant. This morning, which is May 1, three more buses and fifth wheels have pulled out. This park was full of Chemical plant workers; their jobs have been eliminated and Marathon was in the process of expansions at their plant on 146, now that has stopped.

Most of us live in our own little worlds and do not realize how far this virus has changed our world also. I wonder what it will be like in six months or a year. At my age, it will not have as much affect on me as it will our children and grandchildren. They will have to come back from this mess. Two of our grandchildren work in the restaurant and bar services, one is in management and the other is in service. Up until a few weeks ago, our granddaughter had kept her job, but for the first time had to let her staff go. In talking to her, she was upset and worried for their livelihood. This was hanging on her shoulders, and her boyfriend lost his job in serving. So there are large budget constraints on both of them now.

Dianne works for Baylor College of Medicine and most of the time she can work from home. Her husband, Chris works from home also, he is in the food and cleaning supply industry. He has been very busy.

Our other daughter, Rene’s job is management of apartments, she cannot work from home and her husband, Jason, is in management at Sugarland’s Mall and he cannot work from home. Both of Rene’s children are still working.

If you have come off the Peninsula, you noticed the shortage of food and products the first month. I am sure this has caused Keith at The Big Store many grey hairs too. Life as we know it for summer may change significantly too, many people have already canceled their plans for renting this summer at the beach. Which in turn causes the owners and agents a shortfall. Just as those of us who work in the cruising business have had to curtail our spending.

Staying at home is very difficult for Americans, we don’t know how, and that is the truth. When I say home I mean within four walls. We “old” people may be better at this than our children, but I doubt. For Rob and I, we have not killed each other, Yet! Have a Great Week. Patience my Friends.


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