Christmas Arrives Early

GO-1010By Georgia Osten
Oh what a milestone, my oldest granddaughter has left for college. Just the same as when her Mom, Aunt and Uncle went off to college, the care packages are flowing. How can you resist the Whataburger, Chile’s and Chick-fil-A gift cards in the checkout lanes of the grocery stores? Well, I can’t! I can’t let the girl starve, can I? Never a request or plea until lately, and it was a doozy! Grandma, can you make me some Jelly Cookies? JELLY COOKIES have been around for so many years now, it’s hard to count. It’s a Christmas tradition right up there with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. The recipe came from one of those Pillsbury cookbooks you get in the checkout lane. Yes, I guess I do a lot of shopping as I’m waiting in the checkout lane. To set the record straight, I’m not a sucker for the silly magazines … well, that’s not entirely true, I will pick one up from time to time, but I’ll never buy one.

GO-1010-2Anyway, the Pillsbury cookbook is so old, it kind of disintegrated. My husband had to laminate this particular sheet for me to keep it from crumbling into the bowl. We call them Jelly Cookies, but they are really called Jam Strip Cheesers. Jelly Cookies is the G-rated name we came up with a million years ago. And, no, you don’t use jelly, it’s too runny. You have to use jam or preserves. I use blackberry, raspberry, apricot and plum. Surprisingly, the kids’ favorite is apricot!

So, yes, I turned in and baked Jelly Cookies for Emma and her parents delivered them to Baylor a few weekends ago. Brother Grant requested some as well, so each received a batch. Can’t wait til Christmas to bake some more.

My cup runneth over Psalm 23:5

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