Church Chimes

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church (UMC) is truly blessed with magical musicians. Pastor Valerie Hudson is a multi-talented lady. She has a glorious soprano voice, plays guitar, piano and many other instruments. Paulette Layfield can do anything on a piano. Paulette augments pieces with organ, choral and myriad other additions to the Bay Vue Piano. L.B. Hunt handles drum ensembles with easy talent. Although small, the Bay Vue UMC choir lifts their voices each Sunday in joyous chorus.

Linda Elissalde with the Church Chimes

What else is there to add? Pastor Valerie decided on chimes. The United Methodist Women (UMW) paid for a set. Pastor invited anyone to participate. She emphasized that you did not have to read music. Sandi Covington, Reba Hemstad, Rita Moseley, Sherry Morgan, Cindy Hunt, Linda C Elissalde and others answered the call. The group meets every Wednesday at 5:30 after choir practice. They have played special music for two Sundays in September. Their selections are small right now, but growing all the time.

(L) Pastor Valerie and Paulette Layfield; (R) Elaine Rollfing and Sandi Covington

Sherry Morgan and Cindy Hunt

Reba Hemstad and Rita Moseley

You should come to hear the marvelous music produced by Bay Vue UMC. Stay to hear the Church Chimes. Fellowship with delicious food follows the service. Names for the group are being banded about right now. Charming Chimers and Ding-A-Lings are among choices. It does not matter. Please join us for a new pleasure at musical Bay Vue United Methodist Church.


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