Coastal Barrier Meeting draws huge crowd

Hundreds of concerned Bolivar residents and property owners filled the Crenshaw School cafeteria on Saturday to hear the US Army Corps of Engineers review the proposed Coastal Barrier Plan, and offer their comments regarding the plan. The meeting began with an open forum, allowing individuals to speak directly with officials. This was followed by a formal presentation of the proposed plan, presented by Dr. Kelly Burks-Copes, project manager for the Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Study. The floor was then opened for public comments, which lasted over an hour. Below is a link to a recording of the meeting.

Some key times:
(00:00) Opening statements by USACE ond Texas GLO
(10:50) Review of Proposed Plan, Dr. Kelly Burks-Copes
(36:10) Comments by various elected officials
(46:40) Public Comments begin (one minute time limit)
(1:35:45) Comments by Azure Bevington

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5 Responses to “Coastal Barrier Meeting draws huge crowd”

  1. Carlis says:

    Thank you all for showing the Country what Community truly means! Carlis Cole

  2. Ken Pitlik says:

    Just as the Bolivar community of residents chose to live exactly where we do, the very same like people chose to open a business on the Houston Ship Channel, build a house in Kemah, get a weekend getaway on the Bay. How and why are we protecting their same decision yet violating ours? If they want protection, let the Insurance companies, businesses, and anyone one else making money off the water access, pay for it themselves. We did by raising our houses and understanding property in storm path may be compromised. They live under the same rules yet somehow get privileged “treatment”? Pay as you go as we do.

    • Don says:

      YES, my words exactly! Texas City Refineries (and everyone else)knew where they were building. DON’T YOUR BARRIER IN MY BACK YARD!!!

  3. only a fool thinks he can out smart mother nature.

    • Suzan Odom says:


      You are a breath of fresh air. When all this insanity first came about, I spoke those same words to all who would listen.

      Thank you for your good old “common sense”.

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