Come back soon!

By Georgia Osten
We’ve come to some very significant conclusions this weekend. None too serious we can’t deal with, but very valuable lessons learned no doubt. We went out early Saturday morning to claim our spot and set up. Memorial Weekend crowds are always lined up on both sides of the beach. Nothing like last weekend, Thank You Very Much! This was mostly family folks, having a great time, not being too stupid. We had no problem spotting the ice cream truck for Pierce, one Sponge Bob, $4 please, and he was a happy camper. The twins, age 1 year 1 month, on the other hand, are NOT ready for playing on the beach. Neither is their Mommy. Too much sand and Soooooooo many things to put in their mouths. I imagine by this time next year, the twins will be raring to go. It will take all the adults present to round them up.

No problem, tear down and head back home where the pool was set up in the yard and everybody (Mommy too), was happy. More washer games to be had. We were celebrating a birthday this weekend too, our 39 year old son’s. We finished a wonderful dinner in time for the parents to take Pierce to Stingaree to watch the tugboats. PawPaw and I put together the blackberry cobbler, the Birthday Boy’s favorite.


Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub

Seriously, I hadn’t made blackberry cobbler in a hundred years, it takes an hour to bake? No way. The storm came up, a real thunder boomer, and the Stingaree crowd came piling back to the house, barely missing a drenching.

Next important lesson learned – put something under the cobbler dish in the oven. Oh my gosh, what a mess!

Like I always say, “everyone sleeps better and eats better at the beach.” Needless to say, everyone was ready for bed by 8:30, no cobbler consumption that night. Next morning, one last trip to Dannay’s, donuts and cobbler for breakfast and a birthday party with presents before everyone had to travel back home.

Our time with the family – Golden. Come back soon!

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