Come From Away

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This is a true story of 911, and the days after for people that were on planes trying to come back to the United States. Of course, all of us know exactly where we were at the minute the first plane hit, but most of us were involved with our own families and where they were. People all over the world were in flight heading to the US, but never made it home or to their destinations that day. There is this airport in Northern Canada, part of Newfoundland, it is called The Rock. This airport was used for many years as a stop to refuel going to and from Europe. Thirty-eight planes had to land there and stay until planes were able to fly again. Long story short, this is a story of over 7,000 people from all of the world invading a small area of North America that housed less than 7,000 people. This is the story of the giving, loving, helping, and the hearts of the Newfoundland people who gave to people who were so scared and only wanted to go home.

Living in my own little hole in the world, I either don’t remember this or never heard of this story. Well, I will never forget this play and these people.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Shannon came off the Peninsula so we could have lunch and see the play. We did this to share our day together and to celebrate Shannon’s birthday. We started out with lunch at Pappas Seafood near Baybrook with a wonderful Greek salad and a seafood Fondue and lots of tea. Well, ya’ll know it was a birthday celebration so we split a key lime cheesecake. Nap time but no, we had to drive to downtown Houston to the Hobby Center. That in itself is a total other story. Let’s just say the “lady” on the dash kept saying “recalculating” to the route we kept changing.

Shannon was the smart one in shoes, she had on flats that were comfy and was able to climb many flights of stairs to the theater. I, on the other, hand wore my new stacked heeled boot. What part of stupid was I?!? But I looked good, that is always a good thing. I’m too old to have not thought this through. Oh well.

I was home before dark and Shannon was on her way to the grocery store. Paul was at home fixing dinner and RR was at church. Back to the real world.

Thank you, Shannon for picking a play that would help both of us remember that day in September.


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