When You Gotta Go…

County installs public restrooms…You gotta go! And now it’s more convenient than ever when you’re visiting the beach. The Beach Sticker Program funded new, portable restrooms in Crystal Beach. The public facilities are located on Crystal Beach Road, adjacent to the County Road and Bridge facility. There are six clean restrooms including two Men’s, three Women’s, and one Family restroom with a baby changing station. They are open daily throughout the summer from 7am to 10pm and will be professionally cleaned every day. The public facility will be present all summer and then relocated closer to the beach.

Thank you Beach Stickers for funding these facilities. We will respect these facilities so everyone can benefit.

County installs public restrooms

County installs public restrooms


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3 Responses to “When You Gotta Go…”

  1. Char V says:

    I love these but we really really also need showers! Please and thank you! Proudly display my distinctive beach sticker 😀

  2. This is wonderful! But should also include outdoor showers for rinsing salt & sand off our bodies. Thanks

  3. Gay Richardson says:

    These are great and are much needed. Let’s just see how long it takes them to get ” Trashed Out ” by those same people who deposit their trash on our public beaches…..Please prove me wrong !!!!!!

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