Crystal Canal bids Farewell to Summer

By Linda Elissalde
What is IT? Here are your clues: A scimitar moon gleams in the sky with little bulbs sparkling below. Balmy breezes set palm trees swaying as tugboats push brightly lit barges down the Intracoastal Canal. Savory smells waft through the air. Musical notes set feet to tapping and folk to dancing. Everyone is having a glorious time. Give up? IT is the annual Crystal Canal End of Summer Party.

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler

Joey Masterson, Tom Harrison, David Himsel, and Luke Durdin hosted the traditional affair…

while Charles Moseley, Dennis Rollfing and Greg Holcomb stayed up all night to barbeque the best brisket that ever crossed human lips.

Residents and guests provided myriad delicious side dishes and succulent desserts. People hit those serving tables several times during the evening. It was not a night for dieting.

Al White’s band from Winnie entertained with music from multiple decades. Listening was a treat to the ears, but Al’s band had most people out on the grass moving to their rhythmic beat.

Humans are often nostalgic when summer ends, but this magical evening electrified everyone. Crystal Canal’s farewell to summer provided the perfect finale. The good times really did roll!


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