Dennis Rollfing is 60!

By Linda Elissalde
Dennis, Dennis, he’s our man. If he can’t fix it, no one can.
Dennis Rollfing just turned 60. It seems fitting that this very special person had around 60 family and friends at his wonderful birthday party planned by lovely wife Elaine. His buddies Greg Holcombe and Jason Waggoner cooked up prize winning barbecue that had folk heading back for second, and third, helpings. Of course, there were succulent side dishes and desserts to please all palates. Heaven’s Love band rhythms kept young, old and young at heart up and dancing.

Dennis and Elaine Rollfing moved from Montgomery to Bolivar Peninsula 4 years ago where they quickly became a part of our community. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Dennis is known for his generosity and willingness to help any in need. (Elaine says that he’d rather help other people than work on the projects she wants done around the house.) One of his current projects is working with Tom Osten to get the new location ready for this year’s Texas Crab Festival.

Dennis always has an opinion. One of his friends once said that Dennis doesn’t let his lack of knowledge get in his way of having an opinion. Another characteristic is his phrase, “What would Shorty say?” He has about 500 sayings for that, and if you hang around him for a short time, you will know what Shorty would say.

The Rollfings have been married for 40 years. They are still a real love story. Elaine stated, “He is a sweetheart, and I am happy to have him in my life. I wish a happy birthday to my knight in shining armor. I love you, sweetheart!” We love her sweetheart too. Happy 60th Birthday, Dennis! We wish you many, many more.


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