Dennis Stafford BAY VUE UMC Person of the Year

By Linda Elissalde
“A good man is one who serves others.”
Dennis Stafford is a good man by anyone’s definition. He is that quiet, calm voice in the background that gets things done. Dennis puts his faith in God and leads by example. His gift of handling difficult issues with tact and humor makes him a respected leader. Dennis is supported in his efforts by his lovely wife Becky. They create an awesome partnership. (They are also an entertaining dance couple.)

The Staffords joined Bay Vue UMC after Hurricane IKE. Accountant and IP Dennis was asked to work in the finance office and has served as Finance Chairperson for many years. He is always finding ways to save and improve fiscal matters for Bay Vue. Four years ago, the church took over Second Going Resale Store. Dennis said, “God whispered in my ear and asked me to get involved. I did.” He serves as Director of this outreach. Second Going helps many community functions, local schools and pays for the Food Truck that delivers to Bolivar Peninsula every Monday. Dennis also helps with distribution of food on those days. By the way, Mr. Stafford is a talented builder. He constructs and paints tables, chairs, wine holders and footstools. Many of us are proud recipients of his fine craftsmanship. His latest creations include refinishing his house molding and building a coffee bar.

Dennis gives of his time and talents because of his faith. His heartfelt care for others in need is inspirational. His kindness and upbeat personality make those around him aspire to be like him. When complimented on his award, he replies modestly, “Thanks. It is an honor; The glory goes to the man upstairs.”

Thanks to you, good and faithful servant Dennis Stafford. You are a most deserving BAY VUE UMC PERSON OF THE YEAR!


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