Dickens on the Strand

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Saturday we took off for Galveston. The line at the ferry was fairly heavy but no fear, a fun boat ride was had. I already knew the construction in the Strand area was bad as I had tried to make my way to the Credit Union earlier last week. So using back streets and side streets, I was able to get us to the parking garage on 21st Street. Yea!

Dickens has changed over the last ten years for the good. We were members and volunteers for Galveston Historical Foundation for years. We had a beer Booth for GHF for about ten years and had lots of fun.

Dickens on the Strand
Dickens on the Strand

As years went by, our costumes changed with the years and some of us enjoyed dressing more of the tavern wench than the upper crust. The craft booths have changed with the times too. I am very happy to see that GHF has changed with time also. This has helped the attendance.

The tinkers have moved in, Steam Punk. Their first years were small but they have grown and then so have the great pirates, Johnny Depp’s were everywhere.

Dickens on the Strand

The beer was cold and the food was hot and delicious. RR and I both tried to eat everything that was on a stick.

Have a great week and try to stay warm.


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