By Georgia Osten
A most unusual evening we spent recently with Dixie at her Tupperware Party. My friend, Vicky, invited me to The Grand to see Dixie’s Tupperware Party. We decided to grab a bite at one of the restaurants within walking distance in downtown Galveston. It was a Saturday evening and neither of us had thought about making a reservation. Well, I took a leisurely nap but woke up in a panic – Why hadn’t I thought about making a reservation??

I began by calling Olympia Grill, “sorry, we’re full up!” I tried Willie G’s, Fisherman’s Wharf, Saltwater Grill and Rudy & Paco’s. Nothing, same ol’ story. We got to Galveston and thought, “let’s just see if there’s anything at the bar at Fisherman’s Wharf.” First indication we were going to strike out was when the parking attendant told us there wasn’t even any room in the parking lot. Oh Dear …

I knew Black Pearl didn’t take reservations, but thought we might as well give it a try. A 40 minute wait said the host and sitting at the bar was going to be first-come-first-served. Lo and behold if a group didn’t get up from the bar because their table became ready. Off we scurried to grab two seats – perfect. A meal from heaven, we were stuffed and still had plenty of time to make it to The Grand.

I didn’t have a clue what to expect from Dixie, she certainly looked like a character in her red gingham dress, an apron, spike heels and BIG RED Texas hair! She was out in the audience for at least 30 minutes before the show was to begin. Turns out she was picking people to be on stage with her. She had her 9 foot table center stage loaded with Tupperware items. She had two large couches on each side of the table, where she seated her ladies. The ladies on the right were older women, who doubled over with laughter the entire show. The two ladies on the left were the “lesbians.” These four, along with hand-picked folks from the audience were parts of Dixie’s skit. Dixie was relentless!

This was an actual Tupperware Party, complete with order forms and raffle drawings. Of course, Dixie had some really interesting uses for each Tupperware item. This was a totally ADULT show, Dixie left nothing unsaid or undemonstrated or unimplied.

If you ever get a chance to go see Dixie’s Tupperware Party, you’ll be in for a fantastic night of entertainment. Dixie seems like your typical Mobile Alabama girl – I won’t give her away, but she sure had me fooled!

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