Dog Days of Summer

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
I think they arrived earlier this year. The heat is stifling, you just can’t get into enough water. Anything to do with water is refreshing. Let’s go outside and water plants, or how about washing the car? Wading in the water at the beach. Speaking of the beach, if you have a pop-up and can just sit under the pop-up, Wow, the breeze! Or nap time on the hammock, only if you can keep the mosquitos off.

Summertime should be a time to lose pounds, I mean who wants to eat big meals when it’s so dang hot? Watermelon, now there’s a summertime treat! It’s nothing but water anyway, and after it drips all over you, of course, you’ll need to spray yourself down With Water!

I heard the “Bulls” was a great hit! Some heat-related emergencies occurred, but all in all, people stayed hydrated, sought some shade, and had a great time. Those poor bulls though, I guess the Chute 2 Crew knew what to do to keep those critters comfortable. A great event, maybe they can have it again in the Fall, sometime when the weather begins to cool off.

Something that’s made this summer a bit more pleasant is the rain. We’ve had an unusually wet season. My yard has never looked so healthy.

Stay cool, stay safe. Be aware of signs of heat exhaustion and stay hydrated. One more month and we’ll be into September.


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