Don’t be Deceived

By Georgia Osten
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The weather lately, I mean geez, give me a shovel and some flowers and bushes and I’m lost forever in the garden. I contracted with my brother-in-law a few weeks ago to attack the garden in front of my house on either side of the stairs. He’s been at it week after week, tearing out my climbing rosebush and an overgrown Turk’s Cap with a root system growing down to China. There’s some sort of jasmine planted on one side that’s taken up all over and under the stairs to the other side.

So, the other day, after work, I stopped over to visit Mike at Green Life and picked up more plants to replace the monsters Rick has chopped out. I bought some Variegated Ginger, some Foxtail Fern and a hibiscus. Rick was just cutting out the rose bush when I drove up with a trunk full of plants. Uh oh, poor guy, he hasn’t even finished cleaning out the old stuff and here I go bringing more. This was on Friday and he told me he’d see me on Saturday. Guess what? No show. I’m really not worried, he needed a break.

Just like me, thank goodness I had to go back to work on Monday. I woke up Sunday morning, I couldn’t even move. My hips and legs and derrière were in such pain. I spent the entire day Saturday out in the garden bending over trimming Variegated Ginger that I planted over 10 years ago on the south side of my stairs. I’ve bent and cleaned and raked every inch. And this weather is so desirable, I can’t stand to spend time indoors.

Hope you get to enjoy some time outdoors. Before you know it, the drizzlies and biting cold will be upon us and we’ll be trying to come up with warm and cozy projects.


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