EASTER, 2020

By Linda Elissalde
“Come as you are and remain in your car.
Celebrating Easter, 2020, was a new experience everywhere. It takes some creativity to hold an Easter Service for people who wear masks and are social distancing. Bay Vue United Methodist Church Pastor Valerie Hudson invited everyone to a drive in, “Come as you are and remain in your car” Easter Service. She, pianist Paulette Layfield and drummer L.B. Hunt prepared a grand celebration program. They led worship by using microphones from the front of Bay Vue UMC.

The plan was for attendees to park in the church lot, tune radios to FM 87.9 and stay in their cars. (Methodists do not always follow directions.) People were keeping social distances, but running around to visit dear friends they had not seen for several weeks. Eventually, all followed directions and settled in their correct places be it cars or trucks.

Paulette and L.B. performed an uplifting prelude, and the Easter Service began. Pastor Valerie welcomed all. People responded from each vehicle. When you are in your car, you can sing as lustily as you wish. Folk enjoyed,”Christ the Lord is Risen Today”, “In the Garden’, and “He Lives!” Pastor Valerie spoke of how our world has changed in such a short time. Jesus world changed quickly. He had been welcomed as a king into Jerusalem. Less than a week later, He is crucified. What a change! On the third day He arose, and the world was changed forever.

The Service of Holy Communion took place in each vehicle. Congregates brought their own bread and fruit of the vine. Pastor gave the closing benediction. The congregation answered by honking their horns as a resounding AMEN!


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