Easy Sunday

By Georgia Osten
The rain was a welcome sight last weekend, and the fact we had little beach was a Godsend. Oh well, it didn’t last for the whole weekend, but by then most jeepers and their disorderly followers dwindled. Although, I guess they found enough beach on Saturday night to get into some trouble. It gets worse every year.

This year, law enforcement beefed up, as did EMS staff, and other volunteer first responders. Thank goodness for them, God Bless each and every one of them for their hard work and devotion.

After the raucous-ness on Saturday night, the sheriff was urged to close down a portion of the beach in what’s known as The Zoo.

Sunday turned out to be beautiful, and what a relaxing day it was. We stayed away from the beach except for Maezy’s early morning trip, nobody on the beach that early. I planted some tomato plants and PawPaw mowed, then we jumped in the pool and floated around for probably an hour.

A shrimp garlic asparagus thing for dinner and a great movie we found on Roku called The Dressmaker with Kate Winslet, a satirical spellbinding story, we couldn’t stop talking about it, even this morning.

I ordered the book, can’t wait to see how exciting it will be in writing.


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2 Responses to “Easy Sunday”

  1. Gay Richardson says:

    Fellow Crystal Beach Owners…..It is hard to understand why some of the Go Topless Jeepers seem to always be looking for trouble. Probably 5% or less of those that participated caused 95% of the trouble. Thus the 95% that were there to only have a good clean cut weekend will probably see the ” Go Topless ” ended after all the trouble created this past weekend. I would hope the good people of C.B. have seen the last of this mess.

  2. Nancy Bachman says:

    That was a great movie!!

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