Enough of January – A little cold weather goes a long way!

By Georgia Osten
My favorite holiday came and went, not the healthiest month of 2020 for me. I don’t mean to be flippant, but it felt like mononucleosis. All I wanted to do was sleep. No fever, so I ruled out COVID, but I did go get tested the other day. If nothing else, it gives my family a peace of mind. Next, COVID vaccination is scheduled in a few weeks.

I guess holiday-time is not such a bad time to be under the weather, it allows for much down-time to rest up.

My husband went on a little vacay to see our nephew play basketball at Arizona State. Okay with me, except that meant Maezy was MY responsibility. If nothing else, It substantiated that Maezy is still my dog! That is, when there’s no one else around. She slept in the big bed with me each night, the whole night long! Initially, when she’s invited up, I’ll have to pull her over to PawPaw’s side, but then, there ‘s no movement. This morning, we both slept in until 9am.

First thing in the morning, I get all bundled up because it means our first trip to the beach. She’s so good, she searches around to get ALL her business done. The trip goes fast, because this means she gets breakfast as soon as she gets back.

Same thing with the evening trip, she makes it snappy so she can get back for dinner, ice cream treat and chewy snack. Lately, she’s conned me into extra snacks, maybe she thinks I don’t really know the ropes. She treats me sort of like a babysitter, but I oblige.

I can’t say I’ll miss the VERY COLD trips to the beach, but I will miss our snuggly time especially when we initially get into bed, she’s a very nice heating blanket.


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