Everything’s Peachy

By Georgia Osten
I’m sure you’ve already seen Shannon’s post, we’re thrilled to have Shannon on the team. I was so inspired this week, Shannon, I’m going to have to make a chicken/rice casserole, only I’ll use broccoli in mine. It made me so hungry when I read it, so Honey, get ready for some chicken/rice casserole this week.

We thought we were having company this weekend, but they’ve extended until the next one. The company is none other than our In-Laws. I guess that’s what you’d call them? It’s our daughter’s In-Laws which makes them our extended family as well. They’re from San Antonio. I’m more excited than you would imagine, it’s been quite some time.

My daughter’s Mother-in-Law is Linda – “Leeson Leenda!” We call each other “Bookend.” It’s kinda cute. We developed that endearing nickname because of all the pics with “common” grands sitting between us (we have three in common).

At any rate, we’re excited to see them. They love the beach and most especially, they love crabs. Well, Bookend loves crabs! She was most fascinated with Joe (Joe’s Crabs, Bolivar), who isn’t? From Joe’s we went for shrimp at JBs, and she remarked, “he’s not from around here.” I won’t tell you why she said that, something about how nice looking all his teeth looked. Bookend, I hope you’re reading this …

Back to where my mind was going with all this …
I bought some more peaches from Kroger on my last visit into town. I bought 10, but I only ended up with 9. I asked my husband if he ate one (as he was dipping into my blanched, sliced, brimming bowl-full with squeezed fresh lemon juice). He denied ??, so I went out to the car to see if one had escaped and was rolling around on the floor somewhere to surprise me at some later date.

Only 9, I hope that’s Karma. Okay, this is dessert when our company comes, the peaches have been blanched and are in the freezer for Peach Crisp in a weekend or two.

Bon Appétit, Y’all


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