Fitness the Focus for this Crystal Beach Native

Katie Osten Wiseman graduated from High Island H.S. in the late 1970’s. Her passion for movement was nourished on the basketball court as a stand-out Cardinal and as a result she earned a full scholarship to Rice University where she played collegiate basketball and studied to become a health and physical education teacher and coach. After finding herself single with four children, coaching was no longer an option.

Although her teaching assignment changed to special education, her passion to teach others the importance of moving their bodies endured. So, over the past 16 years she has offered a fitness program she fondly calls the Get Fit Gang on each of the campuses where she has taught.

The Get Fit Gang is a fitness program designed for teachers to be held on campus right after school. In this 30 minute exercise session, participants push themselves through an interval training program focusing on strengthening all major muscle groups, in addition to elevating the heart rate to condition the heart and lungs.

Katie was satisfied with keeping things simple until late last year when she learned of a recent study where 122,000 people were followed over a 23 year period and it was determined inactivity is more dangerous to our health than smoking or diabetes. This startling news prompted Katie to put her effective Get Fit Gang fitness program on paper where she could share the benefits with other teachers and districts across the state.

Katie hopes to attend the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (TAHPERD) convention in December to showcase the program to state leaders in health, fitness and movement. Her dream is for districts across the state to buy in to the importance of movement and provide this low-cost, simple, yet effective fitness program for teachers on their campuses. In fact, you too. Let’s get behind this home town girl and help bring about her vision to provide movement to teachers whose awesome responsibility to nurture the leaders of tomorrow actually needs to happen today.

If you are looking to increase your level of fitness, make some healthy changes in your lifestyle or just find out more about exercise and fitness, Katie can help you too! For more information, or to purchase your own copy of the Get Fit Gang Fitness Program Home Version, visit


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