Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
Flexible – “The ability to bend without breaking.”
Things I have learned from my extremely intelligent five year old granddaughter now include a very valuable lesson on flexibility. This lesson came on a super busy weekend recently when I had nine guests in my home for the better part of a week. I loved every single one of them and would do the same invites over again tomorrow if possible.

Many things were out of their normal place in my usually tidy home. My stove and washing machine thought someone forgot to turn them off and I had become my local grocery’s favorite customer with purchases edging toward the $500 mark. The new refrigerator declared its door was broken because it was open so often. I had just decided to leave the showers running. It seemed easier somehow.

Good air mattresses covered the living and dining room floors and extra blankets and pillows came and went on near religious schedules. The kids (now in their 20s) were having a blast visiting MaMa’s Florida’s home. Beach and boat days had been accomplished successfully and the running games of intense Scrabble were on track and the winner’s trophy safely bought and preserved.

The highlight of the first weekend came in the well planned proposal on Saturday night on John’s Pass Beach of my grandson, Brendan Jones to Amber Chandler, both from Texas. Our family loves Amber and were thrilled that she said yes. This event will always be a huge page in our memory books of life.

Fast forward to Sunday morning when all parties were bathed and dressed and made ready for church where my son is the senior pastor. Most got breakfast and truly enjoyed the music and message. The required photo ops had been arranged after the service and Maya Grace had made her presence known.

Miss Maya very carefully put her Bible and several small pieces of wrapped candy that someone had given her on a swing that sits restfully near the entrance way of our church. She was getting ready to be photographed and knows the ropes.

I noticed that some of her candy had fallen through the wooden slats of the swing so I walked over to rescue it for her. Ever watchful of her possessions, even from the distance of the posing grounds, she raced over to declare ownership of said candy.

I saw flexibility at its finest.

“MaMa, that’s my candy!” said with required hand on hip and in her most authoritive voice. (You really have to know Maya Grace to get the full effect). I said, “I know that Maya, and I was trying to save it for you so the ants didn’t get it.” Not missing a single beat, the hand on hip came down, that sweet smile covered her little face, and worthy of Elvis, she purred, “Thank you very much.”

Flexible, yep, that kid is flexible. I learn from her.

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