FORUM: Recycle Anyone?

recycleIs there anywhere on the peninsula where we can take aluminum cans, glass, newspapers for recycling? We don’t care if someone else makes a profit off them. We just want to know that they’re being recycled and not taken to a landfill.
Brenda Beust Smith,

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2 Responses to “FORUM: Recycle Anyone?”

  1. Audrey McMurray says:

    I think it’s an idea that should be seriously considered. I remember fondly that resale shop called Kayla’s Fine Junk…maybe there could be a Kayla’s Fine Recycling?

  2. Shirley adams says:

    Unfortunately not. I bring my recycling to Galveston. It would be a great idea. In the summer the rent houses have an inordinate amount of garbage. It becomes unsightly in the neighborhoods because garbage is only picked up twice a week. Many, many tourists ask about recycling and I think many would recycle if it were convenient and local.

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