I want to tell all about my great experience with a local contractor, McDonald’s AC and Heating. I had my AC (both compressor and condenser) replaced this week and the workers did a great job, very nice, very efficient, and quick. I was very impressed. We need to support our local contractors and let them know when they do good, or bad.
Thanks, Madonna Powers, [5-10-2016]

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  1. Bryan pender says:

    I found a rock in a gas parking lot. They wanted me to post a photo. But they dont make it easy, there is no button for upload photo. I took a picture of the rock, and would play but it’s not a very user friendly site. Just tell me where to send the photo if you want it.

  2. Keith Moreau says:

    Do you know if McDonalds also service RV a/c as well?

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