FREE water. FREE grace. FREE prayer. Come visit with us!

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church (UMC) created their beach ministries in the summer of 2019. Volunteers set up a canopy and banner at a different barrel along Crystal Beach each Saturday. Vacation Bible School (VBS) bags, free water, and friendly discussions were all welcomed. Hot dogs became a specialty for one Saturday each month. Then, Mr Covid-19 arrived and ended the ministry for summer 2020. Safety was everyone’s main concern.

Bay Vue United Methodist Women (UMW) decided that it was time to start up this popular event again. They chose Saturday, July 17th by Barrel 87. Vacation Bible School bags were packed, water bottles covered with ice and up went the canopy. Pastor Valerie Hudson and UMW Chairperson Cindy Hunt found wonderful church members to help with the project. Melody and Doug Romero, Bob Morgan, Sandi Covington, Brelyne Bohannon, Sherry Morgan and Mary Raney made up a happy band of helpers. By the end of the day, all the VBS bags had been given away, and most of the water was gone. The group declared the day a success. Even more than that – It was FUN!!! Cindy and UMW members are eagerly making plans for next summer.

Be sure to look for the banner declaring, “FREE water. FREE grace. FREE prayer. Come visit with us!” You never know at which barrel they will be waiting just for YOU!


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