Gallery By The Gulf Artist of the month for May

gallery_0Please welcome Melinda McWhite, Artist of the Month for May at Gallery by the Gulf, 1980 Hwy 87, Crystal Beach, TX. An artist reception will be held Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 10 am until 4 pm.

Melinda McWhite is a native New Orleanian. After many years practicing law, first in in New Orleans and then in Washington, D.C., she relocated to Beaumont in 2010 and purchased a tiny cabin in Crystal Beach. After renovating her house in Beaumont’s Old Town, she enrolled in Lamar University to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts she had started as an undergraduate (back when miniskirts were in fashion the first time.) She completed the degree in May 2015 with a Senior Thesis Exhibition at the Dishman Museum.

Over the past few years, Melinda has developed a second career as a painter. She has shown at the Galveston Art League and the Beaumont Art League and garnered several prizes for her work. Her next exhibition will be in Beaumont on the first Saturday in June in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market. She accepts commissions for portraits, landscapes and cityscapes.

Melinda paints both figurative works and abstracts. She has found that working two ways is like writing both sonnets and free verse. Figurative work is challenging because, like the sonnet writer who must work within the constraints of the poetic form, the painter must work within constraints of the observed physical world, and must plan and execute a painting accordingly. The creativity comes in the choice of emphasis in color and composition, and in elimination of elements which do not contribute to the overall work. Abstract work allows for a greater concentration on the fundamental elements of the medium such as color and line, without the limitations of conveying a particular subject matter using a particular formula. Working each way actually strengthens both. One does not lose contact with either the abstract world’s focus on color, material, area and line, or the world of form and observation which is more present in figurative work.

In both her abstract and figurative works, Melinda takes particular inspiration from her finds while combing the beaches of Bolivar. She is currently spending as much time as she possibly can at the beach.

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