Gator Hunting

They loaded up at first light and headed out to check the baited lines. Led by Guides Matt Anderson and Brian Schneider, the four hunters from Waller were anxious to bring in their first alligator. For George Wentzel and daughter Jayme Bruyneel, along with friends Jerry and Bobbie Hicks, gator hunting was a new experience. They won the trip in a Little League fundraiser, and arrived at Central Flyway Outfitters lodge near Winnie the night before.

A hook and line set baited with raw meat is used to catch an alligator. Baiting is done the evening before the hunt. A quarter-chicken is attached to a large hook tied to a 25′ length of rope. The rope is secured to a stake in the ground, and the bait is dangled from the end of a pole about a foot above the water. The gator will rise up out of the water and take the bait. He then swims off with the hook in his belly.

Matt pulled in the first line and you could see a couple of angry eyes come to the surface. Jerry shot the gator in the head and it was pulled onto the bank. It measured just over six feet and will make a fine pair of custom boots and belt. A little further down the levee, the second bait was also taken. This gator, shot by George, measured 6′-2″ … another fine pair of boots.

Boots and belts are made by Meyer Ranch Boots, offering custom-fit, custom-designed, one-of-a-kind originals made from your gator. Mark Meyer Jr. was at the lodge to take all the necessary foot measurements, and later transported the gators for processing.

Alligator season in Texas runs from September 10-29, and landowners are allowed to harvest alligators based on the number of tags issued by the state. Each gator must be tagged. David Harris, owner of Texas Coastal Hunting, is the lodge manager, and can provide more information about gator hunts, duck hunts, and guided fishing trips. You can reach David at 281-923-1440, and check out his facebook page:

The sunrise is spectacular over the flooded fields

The hooked gator brought to the surface

Just over six feet - a fine pair of boots

Tagging the gator, all gators must be tagged immediately after the kill

Jayme taking her first alligator

Lodge Manager David Harris making sure the gator's mouth stays shut

Nearby gators watching the action

A baited line waiting for a hungry gator

Guide Matt Anderson setting a bait line

View from the deck of Central Flyway Outfitters lodge

Gator hunters (L to R) George Wentzel, Jayme Bruyneel, Bobbie Hicks, Jerry Hicks

No hunting lodge is complete without a first-rate Patty Norris

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