GBF-Coastal Barrier Position Statement

Hurricane Ike brought a big storm surge and was catastrophic for many who live or work near Galveston Bay—but a future hurricane could be even bigger and do even more damage. The vulnerability of Industry along the Houston Ship Channel to a large storm surge raises both economic and environmental concerns and may warrant incurring the cost of building a large, expensive storm surge system. However, the placement of large storm surge protection structures in and around the Bay could also present major threats to its natural processes and productivity. It is therefore important to fully evaluate potential impacts to Galveston Bay from any proposed structure and ensure we have mitigated those impacts.

Read the full report: Coastal Barrier Position Statement

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2 Responses to “GBF-Coastal Barrier Position Statement”

  1. Barbara Ferguson says:

    Being a property owner in Bolivar, I took note when the engineers of the Netherlands gate system said: “If we knew 30 years ago what we know now, we would have never built the gate system”. Please take heed USACE……you are being warned by the very people you are holding up as an example of a positive engineering feat. The Netherlanders put their gate 3.5 miles inland. NOT on the Gulf of Mexico…..

  2. only a fool thinks they can out do mother nature.

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