GCA – Caretaker of Rollover Pass

Ted Vega President
Gilchrist Community Association
Nov 17 at 9:17 PM
General Land Office Commissioner Jerry Patterson and Galveston County have been working on a plan to take Rollover Pass with the use of eminent domain. The County now has a 1.5 million dollar account to do whatever they have to do to take this private property away from the land owner and the public. The Gilchrist Community Association has been very patient and trying to settle the permit application and other issues in Federal Court, but does Galveston County listen? The answer is no, they don’t, and I hope they get their hands slapped by a federal judge for mucking around and trying to beat the system.

For those of you that have signed the petition, Thank you. I know we can get more people to sign the petition, so I ask each of you to go back to the petition and follow the instructions and share it with each of your friends and ask them to share with their friends. Maybe someday the politicians will figure out that we don’t want them to use eminent domain or anything associated with taking Rollover Pass away from the people.

Click here for link to PETITION

One last note, we at the GCA, our friends, and legal team are working hard to keep your Rollover Pass open for all to enjoy.

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