GCA Fish Fry Great Success

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors

Rollover Pass, Gilchrist, TX.

When Rollover Pass began to reach its noon hour peak, anglers began catching, not only fish, but the wonderful aromas for the reasons of catching those fish.

A Rollover Pass Banquet- MMmmm Good

By nine A/M the GCA (Gilchrist Community Assn;) were busily setting up tables, chairs, and tents for a Fish Fry fundraiser event. By 11am they were frying fish and filling orders for their very tasty plates that included fried catfish filets, french fries, and hush puppies with condiments. This was to, hopefully, provide donated finances necessary to help keep Rollover Pass open and free for the attending public to enjoy.

“These fundraisers are necessary for our operating “fish pass” stated GCA official Mike Gross, where we can maintain the pass and grounds for the public to enjoy. We are not a tax supported federal, state or county entity, but a privately operated facility where donations we receive from these fundraiser events are used to maintain the pass, as well as maintaining our very right to exist! “The GLO (General Land Office) has seen fit to declare that they’re going to close the pass, but we (the GCA) are fighting them tooth and nail to maintain our right to exist.”

“And the fishermen families, along with the visiting and local public helped to make sure we had these funds, pointed out Mike, as they bought our fish plates, special “I helped” GCA T-shirts, caps, and other offerings to help us out.”

Come and get it- this lady invites.

Customers enjoying a day at the Pass

Concerened resident invests in a GCA T-Shirt

“This was a great, as well as tasty event, stated GCA president, Ted Vega, and we’re very thankful for the financial support the public has given us for keeping Rollover Pass open and free for the public to enjoy.”

For More Info contact www.rolloverpasstexas.com

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