Ghost on the Coast ’22

By Linda Elissalde
Pirates and Bowsers and evil Witches brew,
Scary Truck or Treats and Dinosaurs too,
Astronauts and Morticia and even a dead Bride
Make many a person want to run away and hide.
But, there is so much fun to be had, and to be seen,
That everyone flocks to THE BIG STORE’s HALLOWEEN!

THE BIG STORE did it again! Those magical, miracle workers of Gulf Coast Market produced a fantastically wonderful and safe Halloween gathering for all ages. Just walking around looking at various displays was entertainment in itself. Oooooooo! That haunted house was as fearsome as ever. Games to the left; Contests to the right. There were enough events to keep visitors enthralled throughout the evening. Contestants entered in Truck or Treat, Pumpkin Carving and Costume events displayed myriad artistic talents. Judges worked diligently to pick out the winners. Although, most everyone agreed that all the entrees were winners.

Nickie and Justin Weaver of Bolivar’s Sharklife Outfitters sailed right into helping with the popular Costume Contest. More contestants in innovative ensembles participated this year. Harley McKinney, Susan and Nathan Ramsey organized and helped get candidates ready. Announcer Nickie was a winner in making every competitor feel like a champion. Judges Satin Hamilton, Randy Best and Sandman worked diligently to select winners in each category.


1st place: Mackley

2nd place: ReMAX

3rd place: Abby


Ages: 2 and Under
1st place: Nathan – Fire Chief
2nd place: Zhavia – Little Red Riding Hood
3rd place: Joey – Kitty

Ages: 3-6
1st place: Aidan – Pirate
2nd place: Whitley – Adams’ Family
3rd place: Wade – Astronaut

Ages: 7-9
1st place: Casen – Stay Puff Marshmallow from Ghost Busters
2nd place: Virginia – Dead Bride
3rd place: – Hayden – Dinosaur

Ages 10-14
Ist place: Cambrie – Morticia
2nd place: Colten – Clever Costume
3rd place: Seth – Bowser

Ages 15 and Older
1st place: Sam and Polly – Yellowstone
2nd place: Tessa – Laundry
3rd place: Kim and Matt – Retired Miss American and
Retired Mr. Olympia


Ages: 6 and under (L to R)
1st place: Enry
2nd place: Grant
3rd place: Wade

Ages: 7 to 14 (L to R)
1st place: Lilly
2nd place: Erika
3rd place: Finnley

Ages: 15 and over (L to R)
1st place: Evelyn
2nd place: Barvlay
3rd place: Dee

All good things seem to have to come to an end. Adults, youngsters, and little ones left stuffed with candy, cakes, cookies and sodas. Don’t forget those grand hot dogs from Traveling Tiki. Every year seems like the best Halloween ever, but you just never know. You will have to come back next year to find out what has been kept, and what has been added, for The Big Store’s GHOST ON THE COAST!!


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