Ghost on the Coast was the Most!

By Linda Elissalde
“When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.”
Gulf Coast Market (The Big Store) hosted its 10th GHOST ON THE COAST Halloween extravaganza since Hurricane Ike. October, 2009 did not have many things for children, or adults, to enjoy that year. So enterprising people came up with the concept of Trunk or Treat in the store’s front parking lot. Larry Flanagan’s Pirate ship, food and drinks from the Lions Club, goodies provided by The Big Store, and some contests were the main ingredients.

From this modest start has grown a huge celebration that attracts people from all parts of Texas and other states. Costumed revelers tackled the basketball throw, balloon popping, cake walk, bouncy castle and dinosaur, Needle in the Haystack and the popular Spook House. A great deal of credit for the success of this project goes to Big Store owner Keith Zahar. However, Keith gives all the credit to volunteers for their generous sharing of donations, time and talents. He praised Buffy Dible for her hard work in organizing the events. “I like Ghost on the Coast so much because it engages the whole community,” stated Keith.

The whole community turned out to help. Ringmaster Larry Flanagan kept everything on track. (When it comes to being the master of ceremonies, Larry can’t be beat.) Larry, with help from witchy Patti Roznovak and Pumpkin Head Mark Roznovak, efficiently handled the costume, pumpkin carving and Trunk or Treat contests. Judges Mike Villareal, Sandy Dial and Tom Kojak judiciously considered all entries. The Lions Club handed out over 700 hot dogs along with drinks, chips and cookies. David Harris of Coastal Outdoors gave $100 to the grand prize winner of Trunk or Treat. Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Lighthouse Krewe and local Fire Departments, along with myriad other volunteers, created this gargantuan Halloween party. The added edition of electrifying fireworks lit up the peninsula night sky.

All the riding witches, black cats, and multiple Halloween characters began winding down as the evening ended. There may have been a lot of competitive contests, but there was complete agreement that 2018 GHOST ON THE COAST WAS – definitely – THE MOST!


Age: 0-4
1st – Tynlee Rader, Mermaid
2nd – Lennon Comeaux, Scarecrow
3rd – Emery Adams, Super Hero Robin
Age: 5-10
1st – Dixie Bradford, Vampire
2nd – Rhianna Martinez, Uma
3rd – Jayden Johnson, Dark Voyager
Age: 11-17
1st – Brianna Hernandez, Killer Gardener
2nd – Jonah Englemann, Crusader
3rd – Betsy Bradford, Werewolf
Age: Adults
1st – Tessa Tedder, Cat Lady
2nd – Darrian Nelson, Zombie
3rd – Brenda Kahla, Cleopatra

[click here to see all the COSTUMES]

1st – Jon Bastian
2nd – Anna and Sarah Hammer
3rd – Jacob Alexander

1st – The Schutts, Ghosts and Goblins
2nd – Janie Sanders, Nightmare Before Christmas
3rd – Tracy Graham, Hag from Snow White
Grand Prize: Overall – Julie Schroeder, Spider Lady (had games and candy)

Basket: Lindsey Miracle
Basket: Madyson Gvajards
Cake by Geri: Lily Autrey

COSTUME WINNERS Age 0-4: 1st – Tynlee Rader (Mermaid); 2nd – Lennon Comeaux (Scarecrow); 3rd – Emery Adams (Super Hero Robin)

COSTUME WINNERS Age 5-10: 1st – Dixie Bradford (Vampire); 2nd – Rhianna Martinez (Uma); 3rd – Jayden Johnson (Dark Voyager)

COSTUME WINNERS Age 11-17: 1st – Brianna Hernandez (Killer Gardener); 2nd – Jonah Englemann (Crusader); 3rd – Betsy Bradford (Werewolf)

COSTUME WINNERS Adults: 1st – Tessa Tedder (Cat Lady); 2nd – Darrian Nelson (Zombie); 3rd – Brenda Kahla (Cleopatra)

PUMPKIN CARVING WINNERS: 1st – Jon Bastian; 2nd – Anna and Sarah Hammer; 3rd – Jacob Alexander

TRUNK OR TREAT WINNERS: 1st – The Schutts (Ghosts and Goblins); 2nd – Janie Sanders (Nightmare Before Christmas), 3rd – Tracy Graham (Hag from Snow White); Grand Prize Overall – Julie Schroeder, (Spider Lady)

NEEDLE IN THE HAYSTACK WINNERS: Basket: Madyson Gvajards, Basket: Lindsey Miracle, Cake by Geri: Lily Autrey



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