Gilchrist Community Assn Requests Support

rollover(an open letter to Bolivar Chamber of Commerce Members)
Dear Chamber Member,
The Gilchrist Community Association is and has been the caretaker of Rollover Pass for many years. Ever since hurricane Ike made landfall and essentially destroyed the community, the Texas General Land Office has been trying to close Rollover Pass. A few people think Rollover Pass should be closed, many believe it should stay open. There are studies describing both sides of the issue. One thing is for sure thousands of visitors visit the pass each month, and many visit our businesses to purchase items and services. This is a good thing for all. If the Pass is closed many of these people who come for a particular fish run will no longer come, and that will have a detrimental effect on the bottom line. I can’t imagine what environmental effect will occur if the Pass is closed, where will mother nature relocate an outlet for high water conditions, just look at the State Hwy 87/124 road situation. Let’s not kid ourselves, closing Rollover Pass is going to be bad. We need to work together and find a solution.

Here is the current status:
The Lawsuit that was filed against the Army Corp of Engineers was recently ruled in favor of the Corp issuing a permit to the Texas GLO (read the COURT ORDER) but they cannot act on that because Rollover Pass is situated on Private Property and Texas does not have a law to take private property. How would you feel if someone came and just took your land that you have owned for over 60 years.

The GLO is pressuring Galveston County to use their eminent domain authority (they can because Gilchrist is an unincorporated community in Galveston County). If they refuse to do this it may affect some of the millions of dollars the GLO gives to the County’s coastal funding. This is an act of bullying by the GLO, and as I have said in the past if the GLO wants to take the land then they should go back to the same legislature the approved the bill (SB 2043) and get the proper authority. The Governor’s office and the GLO talk about private property rights, and yet turn right around and pressure the county to do it for them. It doesn’t even seem legal that the state can give the county 1.5 million dollars to do whatever it takes to get the property.

Bottom Line, we need to show support to keep Rollover Pass open. I am asking each of you to show the support by joining the GCA as a business (no charge) for a year (we currently have over 1000 regular memberships). I am attaching a copy of the membership application, take a look at it, if you want fill it out, or just reply to me that you would like to join and we will take care of the rest.

We are going to do whatever it takes to defend Rollover Pass and private property rights.

Ted Vega
President Gilchrist Community Association
713 545 6846

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  1. Scott harper says:

    I believe I’m a member but if not l want to be we’ve been going there for 7 are 8 years and we love I have sea turtles and all wildlife use the channel not to say what about all the fish l think it would be a sad day for everyone and things when it closed hope we can change people’s minds to think about the living things instead of the almighty dollar

  2. George Eiland says:

    We are retired but will help in any way we can. Just let us know.

    • ted vega says:

      Im requesting all fisherman to show up at the Galveston County Comm. Court meeting on the 19th, we must convince the county commissioners that only closing Rollover is bad but we will not stand any private property taking by our govt.
      I always appreciate your support, hope to see you soon.

      Rollover Pass property is in danger of being taken by Galveston County. Galveston County Judge and Commissioners will soon be deciding to vote on using their eminent domain authority to take the property away from the landowner (Gulf Coast Rod Reel and Gun Club).

      As President of the Gilchrist Community Association (we are the caretaker of Rollover Pass) I need people and large numbers of them to go to Commissioner Court on Tuesday January 19th at 1:30 and take up to three minutes to say something to these people about why you don’t want them to take the land for the Texas Land Office. (Commissioner George P. Bush)

      If you cant make It get someone else to go in your place. Spread this message to all that you know. This is our moment to show Galvestion County what we want, we all need to speak up and loud.

      Thank You
      Ted Vega
      Pres. Gilchrist Community Assoc.
      713 545 6846

      Date: January 19th 2016
      Time: 1:30 p.m. (come at 1:15 meet me outside of the courthouse I will have a rollover staff shirt on)
      Location: 722 Moody St. Galveston, Texas 77550

  3. This is Mack with Crystal Beach Cabanas & Island Appliance & RV Repairs. Would love to help any way I can.
    Please call me at 409-392-6706

  4. Please add us to the list of supporters! We’ve been fishing The Pass for over 40 years.

  5. Please add us to your list of supporters! We travel there to fish The Pass at least twice a year, & our family has been doing so for over 40 years.

  6. Richard Lambing says:

    Sign us up too!
    PyroShack Fireworks
    Dick and Debbie Lambing

  7. Darlene Nelsen says:

    Anton Nelsen, General Contractor is in!!
    Thanks for the reminder!!

    With the Hwy 87/124 flooding, we agree with your point about the water run-off at the pass – extra water going where…..??

  8. Linda C. Elissalde says:

    Sign us up! Keep Rollover Pass rolling along!

    Dr. Marcel and Linda C. Elissalde

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